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Union Coffee & Dough was born from a desire to offer artisanal breads with a true home baked flavour. Artisan, traditional hand made bread! One of the oldest foods in the world! Demanding preparation, long hours of fermentation and care with each loaf. A real art form, from our kitchen to your table, in a preservative free, healthy and tasty way.

Our breads are made to order, with 100% natural ingredients. We give preference to local traders and producers to guarantee fresh products to you.

Our love and careful preparation creates our signature breads. The Sourdough, natural fermentation, highly hydrated, and long hours of maturation, the result is a soft, flavoursome, beautifully bloomed loaf of perfection. The Chocolate Brioche, a velvety, melt in the mouth, loaf of specialness, a true favourite that will put a smile on anyone’s palette. The Focaccia, a delightful and true taste of Italy, savoury and perfectly baked, makes an interesting sandwich bread, or a simple tasty go to. You nourish your body with naturally fermented bread and you nourish your soul, with feel good, sweet treats. 

About the Founders and Union

We are Flavia and Gabriela, but you can call us Fla and Gabi. We are proud Brazilians, and through love and friendship, we have known each other in England for over 12 years. In addition to our friendship, we are mothers, wives and passionate about the pleasure of serving you, with something we love making. We put love in everything we do, and this comes through in the taste of our bread. 

Look out for our unique food truck at popular locations in Apsley and the surrounding areas, offering great Bakes, with great Coffee, We also offer a ‘deliver to door,’ service, offering great quality baked items directly to your home.

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